Minestuck Wiki

A list of all the servers with the Minestuck mod on them; some servers may use other mods as well. The date last modified is the date at which a server's listing was last edited. Further dates are more likely to have out-of-date information.


Server name Address


Discord Modpacks Status Date Last



[S] Minestuck (previously M.C.A.S) 1.12.2 [S] Minestuck ManualTechnic Online 7/17/2021
MINESTUCK ULTIMATE skaianet.mcserver.at 1.15.2 MINESTUCK ULTIMATE View on Discord Online ?
Minestuck wellbytheunlucky.apexmc.co 1.15.2 [1] View on Discord Online 04/01/2021
GrassCommunity Minecraftia.factions.ws:27271 1.12.2 GC Technic Offline ?
Land of Darkness and Wind www.lodaw.net 1.12.2 LoDaW ManualTechnic Offline ?
Land of Junk and Caves Lojac.ddns.net 1.12.2 LoJaC Technic Online ?
Half Harley Homestuck HalfHarleyHomestuck.aternos.me

(Server is Non-Dedicated)

1.12.2 HHH View on Discord Dead/Closed ?