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Welcome to the wiki for Minestuck, the Homestuck mod for Minecraft. This mod is based on the webcomic Homestuck, located at http://www.homestuck.com. A quick-start guide for installing the mod and begining your Minecraft world's inevitable meteoric apocalypse can be found here .

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Curse Logo.png Download the mod GitHub Logo.pngMinestuck GitHub MSA Logo-0.pngMinestuck Arsenal Wiki MSPAF thread.pngMSPA Forums Thread

MSPA Logo.png Read Homestuck now! Tumblr Icon.png Tumblr Discord Logo.png Minestuck Public Discord Recipes Logo.png Alchemy Recipes


Computer.pngComputer · Cruxtruder.pngCruxtruder · Totem latheHD.pngTotem Lathe · AlchemiterHD.pngAlchemiter · Punch designixHD.pngPunch Designix · 
Transportalizer.pngTransportalizer · Cookalyzer-0.pngCookalyzer · Grist widget.pngGristWidget 12000 · 
Cruxite ore.pngCruxite Ore · Uranium ore.pngUranium Ore · Generic object.pngPerfectly Generic Object · Colored dirt.pngColored Dirt · Glowlog.pngGlowing Blocks · 
Layered sand.pngLayered Sand · Return node.pngReturn Node · Gate blue.pngGate · Chessboard.pngChessboard · Frog statue replica.pngFrog Statue Replica · Blender.pngBlender


Modus Queuestack.pngModus · Capcha card.pngCaptchalogue Card · Raw Cruxite.pngRaw Cruxite · Uranium raw.pngUranium · Energy core-0.pngEnergy Core · Cruxite artifact.pngCruxite Artifact · 
AmethystC.pngGrist Candy · Apple cake.pngCakes · Kundler surprise embryo.pngKundler Shelled Surprise Embryo · Rock cookie.pngEdibles · Record emissary.pngMusic Records · Frog net.pngNet · Captcharoid camera.pngCaptcharoid Camera ·
 Golden grasshopper.pngGolden Grasshopper


Blood.pngBlood · Oil1.pngOil · Brain juice.pngBrain Juice · Ender juice.pngEnd Fluid · Water colors.pngPaint · Light water.pngGlimmering Water


Imp Face.pngUnderlings · Frog normal.pngFrogs · Nakagator.pngConsorts · Black king-0.pngThe Armies of Light and Darkness


Aspect board.pngTitle · Skaia portal.pngSkaia · Lands.pngLands · Card punched.pngAlchemy · Sylladex.pngCaptchalouge Deck · Build.pngGrist · Vitality gel.pngVitality Gel · 
Edit mode icon.pngEdit Mode · Echeladder icon.pngEcheladder· Boondollars6.pngBoondollars · Rage-0.pngAspect Effects  

Weapons & Tools

Hammerkind.pngHammerkind · Bladekind.pngBladekind · Sicklekind.pngSicklekind · Sporkkind.pngSporkkind · Clubkind.pngClubkind · Canekind.pngCanekind · Dicekind.pngDicekind · 
Axekind.pngAxekind · Catclaws drawn.pngCat Claws · Pickaxe emerald.pngEmerald Tools · Prismarine chestplate.pngPrismarine Armor

Addons for Minestuck

MSA Logo.png Minestuck Arsenal


Servers.pngServer List · Disk server.pngGetting Started · MineTweaker3 icon.pngMineTweaker3 Support · Technic Logo.pngModpacks · 
Garnet.pngUnalchemizable Resources ·  Shale.pngUnavailable Resources

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